ePartnership Program (ePP) is specially crafted for Malaysians to earn extra income to sustain daily lives. With ePP, ePartners will be able to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills and generate 50X earning potential through our diversified product listing.

XOX initiated ePP to ensure Malaysians are able to participate in harmonized digital ecosystem where they will have the accesss to sell multiple choices of product to earn income through new economy.


If you are existing ONEXOX or XOX Dealers and want to become an ePartner, you may register via activation link from the onboarding email that was sent by XOX.


If you are a Non XOX Dealer, you are welcome to send your application by providing us your details (i.e., name, IC, email address,and XOX mobile number).

*Criteria required to register as ePartner may be subject to changes.

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